Please note: Evangelical Christian Academy now has a new name and look: Evangel Christian Academy. Read more here.


The day finally came!  The sixth grade class was going to go to the Secondary.  From what my class said most of us were nervous and excited, including me.  When I go there the first thing I though was that I would never find my way to each classroom.  But…I was wrong.


I love ECA because everyone is so kind and loving.  The first thing we did was get paired up with 7th graders.  And our first class was Earth Science.  We did different experiments with live worms!  It was very sad to watch them as we put different types of water on them.  But did you know that worms like sugar water?  One thing that was fun was that our class stayed together which personally made it more exciting.


All the teachers were really kind!  There is more freedom there and lockers seem very cool.  The Secondary and the Elementary are different in their own ways.


Some other classes that I thought were awesome were P.E., art, and band.  Why they were fun for me was because the teachers make the classes great.  Truly, I can’t wait to go to the Secondary next year.