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Evangelical Christian Academy exists to partner with parents and their church to educate, equip, and empower students to pursue their purpose in Christ.


Partnering with parents and their churches for 50 years.

Evangelical Christian Academy is the only accredited K-12 Classical Christian school in Colorado Springs. We offer a unique learning environment based on God’s holy word, teaching students to think well, serve with love, and seek God’s will for their lives.


Equipping Students with Christian Character

At ECA, we believe that developing the hearts and minds of students to be life long learners with Biblical foundations is paramount.  Through our Classical Christian curriculum students are achieving high academic success as well as cultivating a personal relationship with our Savior and Lord.  High School students even have the opportunity to earn college credits through our Dual Enrollment partnership with Colorado Christian University. 


Our Pre-Kindergarten program provides a fantastic place in which children learn the love of Christ, practice important social skills, and develop a love for learning. 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day programs are available.


Kindergarten – 6th grade Grammar school builds the foundations of Classical Christian learning.  Students focus daily on the word of God in all subjects.  Classroom structures support students as they learn to love the Lord, be a great friend, serve others, and follow Jesus all in an academic structure that highlights the natural development of children as learners.

Middle School/Logic

Logic level instruction for 6th to 8th grade focusing on the natural development of middle school students to see the world through a critical lens.  Structured classroom discussion, in depth research, introduction to debate and logic, and exploring Biblical foundations in history as well as literature solidify the fundamentals and principals of students being equipped to pursue their purpose in Christ.

High School/Rhetoric

9th – 12th grade students participate in a wide variety of courses designed to emphasis the Rhetoric level of learning.  Biblical worldviews are foundational to all courses including history, literature, science, and math.  Students are preparing to be persuasive in their faith as they step into the world beyond ECA.  Dual enrollment through Colorado Christian University offers students an additional option for earning college credit while taking ECA AP and Honors courses.

The Collegium Study Center

Evangelical Christian Academy hosts the Collegium Study Center for Homeschool Families. Since the early 2000’s, Collegium has been partnering with homeschooling parents for Classical Christian education. High quality instruction and curricula engage students at all levels. Classes are available several days per week for students of grades 2 through 12. Tuition costs are about $750 to $1,000 for each student per semester and varies dependent upon the age and course-load of the student. For more information about Collegium, please visit the website at


Are you navigating school choices for your children?

Join us for a 60 minute seminar to answer your questions including the common questions below. What are the features of an ECA Pre-K to 12th grade education? What is Classical Christian education and why would this be the best choice for our family? Can this kind of private education really be made affordable for our family?

Parents attending will receive a “special tuition incentive” toward 2021-22 enrollment for each child!

Next seminar is Thursday, June 17th.

"ECA comes from a Biblical perspective, the teachers truly care about educating our children, and a high standard of character and integrity is strived for by students and staff."

"Teachers push the kids for excellence while genuinely caring for them. Christ is integrated into all aspects of ECA, helping demonstrate a Christian world view."


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Back in the Game

Back in the Game

The recent campus closures due to the rash of illnesses was a very difficult, albeit necessary, measure. It was hard on our students for its impact on interactions and activities, on our parents for the changing of schedules, on our teachers for adjusting all their...

A Winning Team

A Winning Team

It is nice to be on a winning team. As I type, I’m looking forward to our ECA volleyball match this Friday when I’ll have both of my daughters playing. And, we’ll be cheering for another win to add to their record. When I retired from the Navy in 2013, I entered a...

What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

I love stories. I especially love stories with complexity and texture, the kind that can only come from a good book. For it is the rich detail of a story that makes it more nuanced, more fascinating, more real. And as a parent and educator, I love how stories...

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