Please note: Evangelical Christian Academy now has a new name and look: Evangel Christian Academy. Read more here.

As Accredited members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, Evangelical Christian Academy benefits from the ability to use some of their national promotional products.  A short time ago, we ran Part 1 of Geronimo!  Amen!, a video presentation to acquaint people with the definition and features of Classical Christian Education.

ACCS recently completed Part 2 of this influential work.  I highly recommend this 15 minute video to you!  You are also welcome to promote it to friends who may be interested in our approach to education.

In Part 2 I think you will find that the ACCS producers go beyond the basics to the consideration of lofty indoctrination topics like:  education as the “transfer of a way of life”; and how the “souls of students are cultivated”.  This thought-provoking segment concludes with an exploration of how “student lives are shaped and changed” as a result of the work done by the Classical Christian school in partnership with parents and the church.

I pray you will both enjoy and benefit from this presentation!