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Guest Blogger – Chase Wallace, 6th Grade

Because it is very important to support ourselves and our families after college, a good education is a key factor for finding a good job and keeping a steady source of income. In order to have a good education and chances for choosing from multiple jobs in the near future, students in Elementary Schools must depart their life of ice cream at lunch and little-to-no homework and step into the world of Junior High. (And real life in general) Because most of us would like to stay in the Elementary School level, it was nerve-racking when the 6th Grade Class of ECA took an all-day trip to the ECA Secondary campus.

At first, we were all nervous when we climbed into the bus to drive to the secondary. I was wondering what classes we were going to attend, what teachers we were to meet, and who my secondary partner was going to be. Furthermore, I have been going to Village Seven Presbyterian Church for 9 years, so I had seen the entire campus from the outside. But as we walked into the room where we dropped our stuff off, we started to see more than the room number on the doors of the classrooms. One example of a class we went to see was Latin. Mr. Terpstra was really nice and made me so excited about Latin next year. (Latin isn’t usually that way, believe me.) The second class we attended was Bible and Ancient History, in which I was again surprised by how excited I was to continue learning history from a Christian standpoint. Definitely, it was very interesting and informative to visit these classes.

After the visit to the Secondary with classes including PE, Band, Art, and Life Science, we all went home wanting to get out of Elementary School as quickly as possible so we could go into the classes at Junior High.  Next year, most of us will go to Junior High at ECA; we’re all excited about the year ahead of us. The Secondary promises great education taught with a Christian worldview, as well as many extracurricular activities that are taught by dedicated teachers. To sum up our visit to the Secondary campus, I can only say one thing: “I can’t wait!”

Quotes from 6th grade students after their visit to Jr. High.  Here are some of the things they liked about their visit and things they are looking forward to next year:

“I can’t believe we get to chew gum!”  – Ellen

“I like Mr. Holtcamp and Steiner ball at P.E.”  – Harper

“I’m excited to have my own locker, my own space to decorate.” – Shea

“It will be really fun to have a bunch of different teachers.”  – Elana

“I liked everything – it’s all good!”  – Kaitlyn

“I’m looking forward to having lockers.”  – Lance

“I’m looking forward to switching classrooms.”  – Lily

“I’m looking forward to art.”  – Ellie

“Art!!!!!”  – Josiah

“All of it!”  – Levi

“I’m not as nervous now and looking forward to learning with all of the teachers.”  – Anali

“Band and art.”  – Myah & Cora

“Lunch all together in the big lunchroom.”  – Sadie

“Playing with worms was the best!”  – Keira

“Steiner ball is awesome!”  – Berkeley

“I’m surprised we can chew gum.”  – Josh

“I’m excited that we get our own lockers.”  – Max

“My fears were relieved.”  – Jakov

“I liked P.E.”  – Elijah

“Lockers.”  – Samuel

“Art.”  – Michael

“I liked P.E.”  – E’lon

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