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Write about a ‘Life Changing Event’

When I was in Pre-school and Pre-K I acted like the school V.I.P. and I liked it!  I loved my school too.  One example is that at recess there would be a basket, and inside the basket there would be plastic fish that we would fish for.  Another example is a little game called the Show and Tell Bag.  If you got the show and tell bag you would do Show and Tell!  Also, one of my favorite holidays at school was Halloween in school, that means we got to wear our costumes to school all day long!  In conclusion, changing school from Pre-K to Kindergarten changed my life.

As soon as I got to ECA I still wanted to be the boss!  Before I went into the school my mom asked me if I would pay attention to my new teacher?  Besides this was a Christian school!  Equally important is that when I learned about how Jesus saved me from my sins!  Also, I noticed how I paid more attention to me than I did to God.  Next, I get to have more friends than I ever imagined.  Finally, I think acting nice gets people to trust you more than being mean all the time.

When I came to ECA I changed.

Besides at my old school everybody followed their own ways other than God’s way.  But not me, anymore!  In conclusion, having to change schools was the best thing that ever happened to me!