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2024-25 Tuition Schedule




12 monthly




(See below for information)

Pre-K — 2 half-days per week

See below for Lunch Bunch/Kid Kapers


approx. $210


Pre-K — 3 half-days per week

See below for Lunch Bunch/Kid Kapers




Pre-K — 5 half-days per week

See below for Lunch Bunch/Kid Kapers




Kindergarten Bridge
3-full days/week




Kindergarten Bridge
5-full days/week





3 full days per week





5 full days per week




1st Grade




2nd – 3rd Grade




4th – 6th Grade




7th – 9th Grade




10th – 12th Grade**




* Technology Fee: This fee is charged at the beginning of the year and will be used for IT services and technology upgrades for students and teachers.

** Beginning with the class of 2026: Students in grades 10-12 are eligible to receive a tuition credit for eligible CCU Dual Credit Courses. See below for more information.

 Multi-Student Discount: $400 off for 2nd student, $700 off for 3rd, $1200 off for 4th. Does not apply to Pre-K or part-time students.

 Founding Church Discount: Members of Village Seven Presbyterian Church receive a tuition discount of $350 for each full-time student and $175 for each part-time student.

 Tuition Assistance (TA): ECA seeks to partner with families throughout this community who share our convictions for a classical Christian education. We do not want tuition to impede such families from coming to our schoolOur Tuition Assistance options have grown significantly in the last several years, and we encourage you to apply. TA is not available for Pre-K, but is for the Kinder Bridge program. See our website for more information.

 Fees: We do our best to minimize fees however some fees do exist for individual students in certain grades and classes. Some common fees include, but are not limited to, athletics, yearbook, field trips, 6th-12th Fall Retreat, 5th grade Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je, Instrument Rental, PSAT, Senior Trip, and in 6th-12th grade: 1-2 paperback novels per year.

Additional Enrollment/Registration Fees

  • New Families: Application Fee – $75 per student
  • New Families: Registration Fee – $275 per student
  • Continuous Enrollment Fee: $200, charged in February to all full and part-time, returning students who have not filled out a withdrawal form.


Tuition Payment Schedule and Discounts: 

  • Annual payment (by July 1) – $500 discount per family
  • Semi-annual payment (by July 1 and December 1) – $250 discount per family
  • Monthly (choice of 12 months) – no discount
  • Please note that all FACTS Tuition Payment Plans have an enrollment fee determined by the amount of payments. This is not an ECA fee but comes directly from FACTS.


Pre-K Afterschool Options:

  • Lunch Bunch– $9 / per day to stay for lunch (not provided) with other Pre-K students.
  • Kid Kapers– $27 / per day to stay for lunch (not provided) and attend afternoon enrichment with other Pre-K students.


5-day Plan Options:



Lunch Bunch



Kid Kapers





Tuition Credit for CCU Dual Credit Course

Starting with the Class of 2026:

  • ECA will provide a tuition credit for a total of 4 CCU Dual Credit courses in 10th-12th grades, conditional upon remaining at ECA until graduation.
  • Credits must be spread out over the 3 years with no more than 2 courses per year.
  • Families must register with CCU, pay for the course, then submit the receipt for the tuition credit.
  • This is equivalent to approximately $200-$800 savings over the 3-year period, at the current Dual Credit class rate.
  • Students who withdraw from ECA for reasons other than outlined in the Continuous Enrollment agreement, will be charged for the CCU class(es) prior to being unenrolled.


    Updated: 1/23/24

    Tuition assistance

    The typical family at ECA makes many sacrifices for their children to attend.
    With that in mind, we realize some families may need additional help.
    We are very grateful for our partner organizations and individual donors who make a private school education more accessible for several of our families. There are three primary sources of Tuition Assistance at ECA:

    The Alliance for Choice in Education

    The Alliance for Choice in Education is a privately-funded program for low-income families who meet criteria specified by the ACE Scholarship organization. Scholarships are for full-time students and awards are typically $2000 per year for grades K-8 and $3000 per year for grades 9-12. Scholarships carry a four-year funding commitment, provided the student remains in good standing at an eligible school. ACE Scholarships are independently administered by the ACE organization, therefore subject to their revision.

    Parents Challenge

    Parents Challenge empowers low-income parents with the financial, informational, and personal resources they need to choose, and actively participate in, the best available education for their children. Parents Challenge provides partial tuition scholarships and grants for children in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    ECA Tuition Assistance

    All families applying for ECA Tuition Assistance (TA) will apply via FACTS (one FACTS application will serve as the basis for both ECA and ACE awards).  All three forms of TA—ACE, Parents Challenge, and ECA—are “needs-based,” although to varying degrees. While some families may not qualify for ACE or Parents Challenge, they may yet qualify for TA directly from ECA. Current school families may apply for ECA TA via their re-enrollment packet. New families may apply for TA at any time during the admissions process by following instructions on this page.  

    Updated: 2/1/22