Current Updates

Dear ECA families,

Thank you so much for your willingness to provide us with timely and helpful feedback in the survey that we distributed last Friday.  Families of 115 students provided us with words of encouragement and suggestions for improvement. We heard appreciation for:

“The organization went well.  It is just like to our work careers.  We will not fail or lag.  It is the same as our daughter’s investment educationally to learn, grown, and make impact.  Thank you ECA!!”

“We are thankful for our teachers and all that they’ve done for our students. Thank you!”

“Each day we have come to better understand LMS and that has lessened any frustration and allowed an ease of learning. Success! Our child has yet to do any video conferencing with her teachers so that will be the next step .”

“I feel that we’re off to a good start, everything went well.  The website is easy to use, and it was easy to get assignments turned in.”

“Getting the hang of the LMS system. Glad that work will to continue to come from teacher versus it being something it seems like I’m requiring. Independent learning.”

“We could tell that our teachers really put a lot of effort into developing lessons.  Thank you!”

“I REALLY appreciated the materials that went along with Mrs. Jager’s instructions. Our son loved the daily video and it was impressive to hear him sing along with the chant and quote Psalm 139.”

“I loved how Mr Smith had the week’s assignments up on Monday and then added extra things throughout the week as he completed them.”

“Everything seems organized and easy to access. Having access to chat for students is helpful.”

“Very clear communication with teacher.  Assignments were very doable.  Seemed like we were taking on all core subjects and able to do so without difficulty.”

“Communication with Mrs. Gergen has been great.  Our son is loving learning from home but misses everyone.”

“It is a work in progress.  Thank you for working so hard to make this work!”

“Teacher communication has been great”

“The videos that Mr. Holst sent out were informative and he makes assignments very understandable; Mrs. Burley and Mr. Pinson have been very good on clarifying how they like assignments to be turned in and are clear with communication”

“Teachers have been very responsive to questions that are being asked of them. It’s been great!”

“Teachers responded in a timely manner”

“We LOVE Mrs. Jagers’ videos. Our daughter just lights up when she watches them and we love hearing her say the history chant and the Bible verse along with her. So sweet! She also really loved when Mrs. Jagers did an example of a craft (the umbrella) that she then had the supplies to copy. We’d happily take any other suggestions for activities during the day. If Mrs. Jagers says to do it, it will be done with a happy heart. 🙂 Thank you for all you’ve done to keep her learning and enjoying it!”

“Having a variety of on-line and off-line assignments. Seeing his classmates via their video presentations. Still having plenty of time to get outside and some flexibility to come up with educational activities that all three of my kids can participate in.”

“The face time with Mr. Hart and his class was exceptional- he did a great job keeping a classroom feel and even engaging the students and our son loved seeing Mr. Hart. He used creative ways to do “Star student” and math warm-ups and such… he did excellent with his videos.”

“Loved the video instruction from Mr. Hart!”

“Our son likes entering his math answers online. He also enjoys Mr. Smith’s morning devotions.”

“Seeing the videos from Mr. Hart were encouraging. We had a zoom meeting for show and tell and it was super fun to see and talk to her classmates.”

“I really appreciated Mr. Smith’s morning devotionals for the kids and our daughter was very happy to see Mr Smith =)”

“She has been motivated and has enjoyed “seeing” teachers and friends on the LMS system.”

“Thank you to all the teachers & staff at ECA. I’m so thankful for the slower introduction of work to have time to learn this new system & adjust to school at home! Thank you all!”

“I’m so thankful for the lighter work load at first to give us time to learn the system! The teachers have been wonderful!  So thankful for ECA!”

“Thanks to the board of directors, staff, and dedicated committed teachers for all they do and continued to execute for the advancement of all children. Blessing and Much Prosperity!”

“We are thankful for ALL the hard work and effort put into LMS and greatly appreciate the effort of making our process at home an easy one.”

“Thank you ALL for your efforts to make school happen, to redefine “completion” of grades and classes, and to have a positive attitude for students!”

“Love ECA and its staff through all of this!”

“And we’re thankful for the teachers hard work. Thank you for making this online instruction possible!”

“We are so grateful for all the hard work of the teachers. We know this is a lot to take on in such a short time!”

“Mrs. Jagers is AMAZING!!!! I think her PreK LMS should be used as best practices for all the teachers! Our son talks to the videos she posts and feels almost like he’s in class- she is such a gift!!!”

“Everything! The entire staff has been unreal. Mrs Singleton, Dr Johnson, Mrs Mann, EVERYONE! God Bless You all. You are doing an incredible job.”

ECA’s leadership is reviewing your feedback in order to make possible adjustments in some areas for the weeks ahead. You can expect to hear more from your campus administrator regarding any changes that we hope will better serve the needs of your family.

We will continue to get parent feedback on a regular basis. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement, patience and gracious partnership as we navigate the uncharted territory ahead of us!