Elementary FAQ


(1) What do I do if I have a question that is not answered here?

By all means ask someone!  All of our faculty, staff members and even other parents have the ability to either answer the question or provide direction to a person who could be helpful.  If a person tries and still not find the correct help, we recommend the ECA Online Administrator Hotline as a valuable resource.

(2) How is the school administration of ECA structured?

ECA is led by a Superintendent, who has oversight over both Principals at the Elementary and Secondary Campuses.  The ECA board provides oversight and general direction to the Superintendent. 

(3) How do I contact the school board if I have a question?

The school currently has a Problem Resolution Policy that can be found on the last two pages of the following link into the Student-Parent Handbook. https://www.ecaeagles.org/files/2011/01/General-3.CONDUCT-AND-BEHAVIORAL-STANDARDS.pdf . This provides a very good framework for resolving conflicts as close to the source as possible.  Board involvement is addressed at the end of this process.

(4) What is the philosophy of discipline?

ECA believes that the Bible gives us the best available guidance for discipline concepts.  However, the Bible does not specifically address many issues of classroom management (per se).  Therefore, the administrators and faculty members are trained in the “Love and Logic Program.”  The implied approach to Love and Logic is designed to have each student be responsible for their own personal behavior and decision-making processes relative to such behavior.  Students become accustomed to being accountable for the consequences of their actions.  Most students respond very well to the Love and Logic techniques.

(5) How does the enrollment process work?

The enrollment process is explained through on the Admissions pages of our website.  Here is the link:  https://www.ecaeagles.org/admissions/ Here are some practical steps:

  • Tour school – contact the ECA Admissions Director at (719) 634-7024 to make an appointment.
  • Call the ECA Business Office at (719) 574-0920, to get a tuition estimate specific to your family.
  • Complete online application at www.ECAeagles.org
  • Schedule a screening for your child (grades K – 12) as well as an interview with the principal
  • Pay registration fee
  • Receive letter of acceptance

(6) Is it possible to take a tour? Can my child "shadow" for a day?

A personal tour of the school can be scheduled by contacting the ECA Admissions Director at (719) 634-7024 or by e-mail at the following link:  https://eca-co.client.renweb.com/oa/inquiry.cfm?memberid=1131   If you would also desire to have your child shadow for a day, that can also be arranged through the Admissions Director.


(1) What is the classical approach to education all about?

(2) What are the possible negative aspects of the classical approach?

In our implementation of the Trivium, the grammar phase focuses upon having the student commit the A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s of major subjects to memory through chants, jingles and other memory enhancement tools.  Memorization can be challenging for some students.  In the logic/dialectic phase of the Trivium, students learn the tools of argument, dialogue, and to think critically.  It is during this time that reading comprehension becomes challenging. ECA is committed to helping all students navigate these challenges. However, as we see our nation move toward being a “post-literate society,” we want to partner with parents to stimulate students to stay committed to the benefits of reading comprehension. This can be challenging for some students. Finally, in the rhetoric phase of the Trivium, students will learn to become persuasive in articulating themselves. Debate is a required component in our course of study. Students will not only learn to express themselves but they will also have to examine both sides of any given argument. These are challenges that we believe are foreign to most students, yet are a key part of the Classical Christian program that are very beneficial for a student’s future.

(3) Is ECA required to implement the Common Core curriculum?

ECA has maintained the unique and rare position of being free from the oppressive components of the Common Core Initiative.  We feel that ECA’s educational approach is accelerated over the Common Core expectations.  There are some students in America who could benefit from being challenged to elevate their educational expectations.  However, some see these new standards as a ceiling (a maximum expectation for learning), rather than a floor (a minimum expectation for learning).  Other critics predict that certain social agendas will infiltrate schools through the Common Core.  We sense that this could very well happen and we have actually witnessed some of these agendas materializing in the national processes of both accreditation and standardized testing.  We are taking care to remain free influences of external overreach while maintaining the highest quality standards of education, fully integrated with a Biblical Worldview.  Since we do not accept any federal funding, we are exempt from having to implement the Common Core Initiatives at ECA.

(4) What is Collegium?

The Collegium Study Center is designed to assist Homeschooling parents in the provision of quality Classical Christian course assistance through instructors who teach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Village Seven Presbyterian Church/ECA campus.  Homeschool parents are still primarily responsible for their child’s education and transcripts, but may receive quality help from the Collegium team. Please click here for more information about Collegium.

(5) How does the Collegium/ECA partnership work?

Collegium was started as an independent non-profit organization, but was merged into ECA during the 2014-15 school year.  Just as the ECA elementary and secondary campuses maintain their unique independence as schools within the ECA system, so does Collegium.  Two former Collegium Board Members now have seats on the ECA Board in order to assist with program quality and effective system-wide integration.


(1) What is the cost of tuition for ECA?

The tuition schedule for the school is located here.

(2) What can I do if I cannot afford ECA?

Virtually every family makes sacrifices in order to have their child(ren) attend ECA. For those families who need some additional help, please see the Tuition Assistance Opportunities page.


(1) How are families expected to participate in fundraising?

ECA families are expected to help raise $1,000 a year for the school. This can be done in a variety of different ways including: direct contribution, letter writing to friends/relatives, use of ECAP/SCRIP, Shoparoo, etc.

(2) Why are there grade-specific fundraisers?

Several grades have year-end trips or special events that require funds to make those events happen.  For example, in 5th grade, the students take a 3-day trip to Santa Fe.  Fundraisers are utilized to help offset the costs of these special events to make them more affordable for the students.

(3) What is the Eagle Cash Awards Program?

ECAP (formerly known as “SCRIP”) is a program where the purchase of gift cards at face value is done through an online ordering site to earn money off your tuition. Each card is assigned a a small rebate percentage and of this percentage you will earn 70% to help reduce your tuition.   More about this exciting program can be found here.

Grade-Specific Questions



(1) Are there after school programs available?

The Pre-K program is traditionally a morning program, though some afternoon classes are being considered.  Once Pre-K classes are completed in the morning, parents have the options to have their children participate in the “Lunch-Bunch” and “Kid Kapers” programs for an additional fee.  Older elementary students usually have some after school programs available to them.  These offerings change from year to year but have included Spanish Club, Lego Club, Art Club and a variety of sports activities.  ECA does not currently offer any after-school childcare programs of any kind.

(2) Do you have 3 day a week Kindergarten and 5 day a week Kindergarten?

Yes, ECA offers both full day, 3 day (T, W, F) and full day 5 day (M-F).  These offerings may fluctuate from year to year.

Elementary General

(1) What are the school hours?

The elementary day begins at 8:30 a.m. and dismissal is at 3 p.m. Children may be dropped off at school as early as 8:10 a.m. as soon as there is a teacher on the playground.

(2) Can parents come to chapel?

Absolutely!  We welcome parents and grandparents to join us weekly for chapels. We come together for worship and a scriptural teaching each Wednesday at 8:45 a.m.

(3) What volunteer opportunities do you have available?

Each teacher will have volunteer opportunities specific to their classroom needs. For overall volunteering such as hot lunch, event planning, fundraising coordination, and teacher blessing you can ask in the office for details.

(4) What are student/teacher ratios?

While enrollment per grade can vary by year, our goal is to maintain a low student/teacher ratio. For the 2015-16 school year we have about 16 students per teacher.

(5) Where are you located?

Our elementary campus is located at: 2511 N. Logan Ave., Colorado Springs, CO  80907.

(6) Do students have to wear a uniform?

While we don’t have a required uniform we do have a standardized dress code.  For more information see our Parent/Student Handbook.

(7) Are transportation services available?

Yes!  We do have shuttles that run as far north as Monument, as far south as Fort Carson, and between campuses as well.  For more specific information on our shuttle routes please click here.

(8) Do you serve hot lunch?

At the elementary we have an optional hot lunch service 3 times per week. Our hot lunch is serviced by local food vendors and parents choose which menu items they would like their children to have and place their order along with payment a month in advance. Milk and juice are available for purchase daily.

(9) Do you have extracurricular activities?

Elementary extracurricular activities include: Art Club, Spanish Club, League sports (Soccer-boys & girls, Basketball-boys & girls, Volleyball-girls, Wrestling-boys) start in the 5th grade with the exception of wrestling which begins in 1st grade. There are fees associated with all extracurricular activities.

(10) How many school days to you go each year?

We attend school for 175 days per year (which may be reduced by up to 3 snow days).

(11) Do your students take standardized tests?

Students in the 1st, 3rd and 5th grades take Terra Nova3 tests each year in April.

(12) How is technology used?

ActivBoards are integrated as teaching tools in most grades. 3rd-6th grades attend computer class twice per week and an open computer lab is available for Kindergarten – 2nd grades.