Kindergarten through 6th Grade


Christian Schools International: K-6 The curriculum was written and is taught so that God’s people might know Him as He is revealed in His inspired and infallible Word.
Grades K-3 Walking with God and His People
Grade 4 Walking with God and His People
Grade 5 Witnesses to the Gospel
Grade 6 The House of Israel


Open Court (plus teacher supplements): Grades K-3 Accelerated Reader (novel based reading): Grades 3-6
Reading develops a student’s thinking, reading, and writing abilities using a core of authentic literature. These studies increase the student’s ability to read with comprehension. Comprehension skills and reading fluency are developed for fiction and nonfiction material as children use workbooks, study questions, and participate in class discussions. Comprehension skills are tested in 4th – 6th grades by means of computerized tests.


Open Court: Grades K-2 Houghton Mifflin: Grades 3-6
Language educates students in traditional grammar, standard usage and mechanics. It also trains students to be comfortable with correct grammar, pronunciation and usage in conversations and other forms of speech. Language teaches essential research skills, and refines and teaches listening and study skills. Grammar, punctuation, and usage skills are developed as students edit their own writing. Language is supplemented with a phonics curriculum, creative writing, and handwriting exercises. Research skills are taught for report writing and formal oral reports.


Zaner Bloser: Grade K ACSI: Grades 1-5
Spelling includes individually prepared teaching units at the appropriate grade levels.  The focus is on the most commonly used words in written work.


Veritas Bede’s History of the U.S: Kindergarten BJU Heritage Studies: Grades 1-6
*Supplement – Studies Weekly: Grades K-6
Social Studies teaches how man has carried out God’s command to rule over creation and how man has developed cultures. It reveals the Christian’s responsibility to his neighbor, his community, his country and the world. It emphasizes God’s plan throughout history.


Saxon: Grades K-6 Math is taught in a way that reinforces the understanding of God’s order in creation and develops an ability to function effectively, mathematically, in the world. Concepts are introduced incrementally, continuously reviewed, and provide a strong foundation for conceptualizing and solving problems.


McMillan Interactive Big Books: Grade K Bob Jones University: Grades 1-6
Science is taught to give students a solid foundation, anchored firmly in Biblical truth. Special attention is given to interesting scientific facts that reveal God as the Master Designer of the universe and confirm the accuracy of the Bible. The curriculum promotes an excitement for the acquisition of critical learning skills.


Specially designed units of instruction presented twice weekly, emphasize motor fitness skills, appreciation for the wonder of our God-created bodies and Christian conduct in sports.


McMillan Music and You A comprehensive unit approach to music appreciation and skill development is presented twice weekly. Students learn a hymn of the month that is sung in chapel each week. In addition, students work on two all-school programs during the year. Fifth and sixth grade students may choose either band or general music.


Standard of Excellence, sheet music The elementary band program, offered to 5th and 6th grade students, teaches basic music reading fundamentals and techniques for individual instruments, through full band and smaller ensemble rehearsals. Performance opportunities include concerts, chapel presentations, and solo and ensemble festivals.

LIBRARY: Grades K-3

The library provides materials which support and enrich our curriculum. Through storytelling, group discussion, book reviews, and oral reading, our students are encouraged to read and to think critically about what they are reading. Library skills are introduced and reinforced at each grade level in order to prepare students for greater research challenges as they advance from grade to grade.


Grades K-3 Integrated throughout the curriculum
Classical Academic Press: Latin For Children
Grades 5-6: Primers A and B Trains student in grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively interactive way, utilizing workbooks, quizzes, songs and chants.


Grades 5-6 Boys’ Soccer and Basketball (after school: fall & winter)
Grades 1-6 Boys’ Wrestling (after school: spring)
Grades 1-6 Boys’ and Girls’ Track (after school: spring)
Grades 5-6 Girls’ Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer (after school: fall, winter & spring)
Grades 4-6 Choir and Handbells (during school hours)
Grades K-6 Spanish Club and Art Club (after school) 

COMPUTER (Keyboarding): Grades 4-6