ECAP Agreement Form

ECA sponsors a SCRIP program which allows you to purchase gift cards. The SCRIP you purchase through our program generates rebates from the participating retailers. These rebates can be used as a donation to ECA, credit to your tuition or fees account, help offset spring registration fees, or cash.

Purchasers of ECA – SCRIP understand and agree to the following by signing below:

  • Administration Fee: For administering the SCRIP program, ECA will retain 30% of the purchaser rebates received from SCRIP purchases as an administration fee.
  • Allocation of Rebate Balance: The ECA – SCRIP purchaser must select only one of the following areas where the balance of purchaser rebates will be applied. (CHECK ONLY ONE BELOW)
    • Apply the balance to ECA as a charitable contribution (If this is done, a tax- deductible charitable contribution form with be issued to the purchaser following the applicable IRS tax-year).
    • Apply the balance toward tuition/registration account (balance will be applied to the purchasing family unless otherwise noted).
    • Apply the balance toward the purchasing family’s fees account (monthly billing like shuttle, sports, clubs, choir, band, etc.).
    • Provide the balance to the purchasing family through a cash rebate.
  • Other
    • Overdrafts: Purchasers are responsible any standard overdraft charges that may occur as a result of a SCRIP transaction.
    • Representation or Warranty: ECA does not represent or warrant neither SCRIP nor any of its vendors.
    • Changes or Termination: Purchasers or ECA may change or terminate this agreement with 60 days advance notice.
    • More Information: ECA shall provide Great Lakes SCRIP contact information upon request.

Rebate Allowance Choice:
Charitable ContributionTuition/RegistrationFees AccountCash rebate

If you chose to apply the balance toward a tuition/registration account, please type the name of the family to receive the credit here:

I accept that by typing my name below I electronically accept the terms of this agreement.