Eagle Cash Award Program (ECAP)

Welcome to the Eagle Cash Awards Program (ECAP). ECAP is purchasing gift cards at face value through a national online ordering website (Great Lakes Scrip). Each gift card retailer offers a discount rebate percentage. You will earn 70% of the rebate to use as you wish: reduce your tuition, apply to your fundraising commitment or reduce your fees. For example, if you order a $100 King Soopers card with a 5% discount you will pay $100 and receive a card valued at $100. You will earn $3.50 (5% of $100 is $5 and you get 70% which is $3.50. ECA keeps the other 30%). We keep track of all the orders and credit tuition, fee and fundraising accounts three times a year (October, January and April.) You must pay by Presto pay, cash or check and can pick up your order in either the Elementary or Secondary offices. Orders placed Monday by 3:00pm will be available Friday by 11:30am through the regular school year. During the summer orders placed Monday by 3:00pm will be available for pick up the following Monday at 9:00am. Please read the below links for detailed information on how to start ordering. What is ECAP? Getting Started with ECAP Shop With ECAP Retailers List ECAP Agreement Please direct all questions to Patti McFarland @ 632-8763 or the ECA Business Office at 574-0920. Thanks for ordering! Enter your email address below to receive weekly ECAP updates: