Tuition Assistance

The typical family at ECA makes many sacrifices for their children to attend. With that in mind, we realize some families may need additional help. When external sources like ACE and Parent’s Challenge don’t provide enough help you may apply for Tuition Assistance through ECA. There are three ways to reduce your tuition. For an overview, please see this link: How Can We Reduce Our Tuition Cost?
  • ACEThe Alliance for Choice in Education is a privately-funded program for low-income families who meet criteria specified by the ACE Scholarship organization. It pays 50% of private school tuition, up to $2000 per year for grades K-8 and $3000 per year for grades 9-12. Scholarships carry a four-year funding commitment, provided the student remains in good standing at an eligible school. ACE Scholarships are independently administered by the ACE organization, therefore subject to their revision.
  • Parents ChallengeParentsChallenge empowers low-income parents with the financial, informational, and personal resources they need to choose, and actively participate in, the best available education for their children. Parents Challenge provides partial tuition scholarships and grants for children in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • ECA Tuition Assistance
  ECA Tuition Assistance Qualification Standards – for 2019-20 School Year To be eligible for tuition assistance from ECA, ACE, and Parents Challenge (through which you also must be a resident of El Paso County, Colorado) and meet the following income guidelines based on your total family’s adjusted gross income (from the most recently complete tax year) for the number of people in your household. These levels are summarized below: Income Eligibility (Based on number of people in household) {Updated: SY 2018-19}
  • 2 people : $29,471
  • 3 people : $37,167
  • 4 people : $44,863
  • 5 people : $52,559
  • 6 people : $60,255
  • More than 6: Add $7,696 for each additional person